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Fivestar IT Telecommuting Solutions for all systems including Mac and Windows

Work At Home With Fivestar IT's Telecommuting Solutions

We can set up one of many solutions for remote access to your work systems quickly and easily. In most cases, we can do it all from a remote session into your systems without requiring a physical visit to your office! Using our web-based help desk system we can set you up with solutions you can use to be working on your work computer from home anytime!

As a business owner myself, the world of telecommuting and working from any location has made the quality of my life so much better! For those of you who get things done with a computer and a phone in an office... a simple one-time telecommuting setup and possibly an unlimited national VOIP calling plan is a must have solution for anyone who wants to do business and access their office system from home

- Ron Farber
  CEO Fivestar Information Technologies, Inc.

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