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Our FIVESTAR IT web marketing services go above and beyond everything we have seen being offered on the market with a results-driven goal. Unlike EVERY SINGLE other marketing company providing similar services, our goal is your success. We do not require a contract or a minimum time period. We want you to see results, and grow with you. We have been in this business for over 15 years, and are in this for the long haul with you.

Below is a list of our most popular services:

Keyword Research Services Most people don’t know which keywords are searched for the most on the web in regards to their industry. Let us help direct you to the most powerful and searched keywords for your industry. We can provide exact numbers showing how many times each term was actually searched for in a given month, helping to determine which words should be of the most interest to achieve the very best results.

Search Engine Optimization Service There is nothing more valuable to your web presence than a high ranking for a particular keyword used in the body of your web site text. Our team of professional copywriters will manually create compelling articles regarding each keyword for maximum exposure. We will then create a sitemap for your site and link it to every relevant article to create value for search engine algorithms, allowing you to achieve high rankings for each keyword requested. We then use similar articles for blog entries on outside web sites that create valuable links to your site, but best of all is the increased exposure and traffic! This service includes an original article – which achieves higher rankings than copied content – and includes the design and optimization of an additional non-public page on your site for that copy to be indexed by the search engines. We create a sitemap and complete a search engine submission of your site that will be free for as many keywords as you choose.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Management Once your sitemap is in place, and you have your original optimized pages working for you, we will monitor your web site’s progress in the search engine listings, and make necessary changes in format to move you up to the top of the listings. This optional but highly recommended service will help us achieve better results for your listings over time.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Once you have a strong list of keywords you would like to generate traffic from – aside from our natural search engine listings services – we can also manage your pay-per-click campaigns for guaranteed traffic from Google and Yahoo Search Marketing. We will manage the cost of each bid and make proper adjustments each month to get you the most hits for your money. We can analyze which search terms are actually converting for you, as well to push more of your campaign funds in the right direction. Cost is determined by the number of keywords being managed. Call us today for a free estimate!

Blog Posting and Back Link Services We can also help increase traffic to your site tremendously by posting your articles to many of the most popular blogs online. These articles will either give useful information or provide reviews of your services and offer recommendations. This will create traffic naturally to your site and also help improve your search engine rankings over time. Cost of this service will depend on how many reviews or articles are to be posted. The more we post, the more traffic you will see.

Google Local Listing Services Get your business listed in the top spots when being searched for in any demographic area. Google now provides local listings, and we can help get you there for any given keyword and locale. Please contact us for details on this type of campaign.

Enhanced Web Promotion Services – Web Videos and Viral Videos Research shows that nothing can sell your company image better than a video. Sites with video will outsell static sites every time. We can create a 3-minute television style interview video with text, music, editing and production focusing on the selling points of what you offer. These videos help people to understand why your product or service is what they need and keeps them interested. We can also provide all-original web and television commercials and creative viral video campaigns using Hollywood’s top commercial writers and directors who work with us for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. We also submit our campaign videos to all of the major video sites online, providing additional presence, links back to your site, and exposure. Call us today to discuss your marketing goals!

Promotional Partnership Negotiations Are you willing to offer an incentive for other sites to recommend you to their viewers? We can negotiate campaigns on highly trafficked web sites by either offering benefits to their members (discounts or freebies, etc…) or by offering them commissions on sales that originate from their site. We can custom develop an affiliate campaign and list your program at many public affiliate sites or can negotiate directly with high-profile industry sites that have already captured your target demographic to give you access to their viewing audience.

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