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Fivestar IT Technology Auditing Service

Fivestar IT Technology Auditing Services Keep You Informed and In Control of Your Technology.

Most business owners have no idea whats going on with the technologies that keep their business running. All the knowledge usually lies with either in-house I.T. staff or an outside support person or company. Critical policies, procedures, passwords, and equipment uses are either not documented, or exist in the IT person's personal memory. In fact, many business owners and managers live in fear of losing their main IT person or using anyone else because they feel they will be completely lost without the person who knows their systems inside and out.

That's where Fivestar IT Auditing service comes in to put the control back where it belongs. We'll come in and document everything you need to know about your systems. We'll document what every component is used for, what software is setup and how its all configured, networking configurations, backup configurations and policies, and all the passwords required should you ever need to use another person or company in an emergency.

We know our lives would be easier if everyone had this information handy when we were called out to support someone, but 99.9% of businesses and even residential customers dont have it organized in any useful manner. Don't get caught with your pants down in an emergency or when you feel its time for a change.
Fivestar IT Technology Auditing Service supports all Mac and Windows Systems

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